This huerto came to be through land the municipality made available to some neighborhood associations in late 2014 through FRAVM. Though a nearby neighborhood association declined for fear of problems it would generate in the association, the Vicalvaro neighborhood association jumped at the opportunity. Neighbors started organizing in December 2014 and January 2015 and were very eager to plant. However, due to lack of experience and planning, they didn't get started planting until May yet by July tomato plants had skyrocketed and herbs were growing aplenty. Members expressed that they hope to learn from their inaugural year and plan their crops and timing better for the following year.

As a city-sanctioned site, they have access to water (though they have to pay for it), were provided a shed, and are invited to attend gardening workshops at the huerto in Parque del Gran Retiro, a large park in Madrid's city center. Since getting off the ground, they have established twice weekly workdays and twice monthly meetings. To celebrate their progress, they hosted a community party in July where neighbors and friends came together, brought food to share, and socialized while looking at everything that was growing.

Though on the surface the huerto might appear similar to others in that it grows similar plants and it's a place for community members to come together, its formation distinguishes it from those born out of the urban social movement with more political undertones seeking to reassert the rights of residents.